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innovate. we will embrace clean technologies. we we will certificate green start and demonstrations that we will see today and october is innovation month and gratifying for those and happy clean tech day in san francisco. thank you very much. [applause] >> it is awesome to have the mayor announce that right here at green start. we are thrilled to be a part of that. it's true a year ago mayor lee asked "what can we do to help?" and we said we have lots of companies that want to test pilot things and deploy things and how can san francisco be a part of that and to see this come together so quickly is incredibly rewarding and testament to the leadership you're providing and san francisco is lucky to have you
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as our mayor. thank you
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>> and joined by supervisor kim. our clerk today is erica and at sfgtv we have our staff. madam clerk do you have the announcements for us today. >> please make sure to silent all cell phones and electronic devices and speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will be on the board of supervisors agenda unless .
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>> stated. >> we will excuse the commissioner. will you call income one please. >> the sfo shuttle bus company at city and county of san francisco and provide services at san francisco international airport and through the airport commission. >> thank you for this item. we have kathy wieger from sfo. >> good morning. i am with san francisco international airport. the san francisco international airport is speaking your approval with sfo shuttle bus company to provide service for employees and passengers between the airport's terminals, long-term public parking lots and employee lots and garages for initial term of three years and seven moptds. the contract also has three two year options to extend . the proposed contract will provide management and operational services for shuttle buses at sfo between
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the parking facilities and our terminals and 365 days a year at a cost of approximately $39 million for the initial term. sfo shuttle bus company will provide all the company, maintenance and repair as well as labor and materials necessary to keep the shuttle service going as well as furnish the drivers and mechanics and dispatchers. sfo shuttle bus company will be in charge of ensuring that all employees possess valid licenses and permits as well. this contract is the result of a request for proposal process with sfo shuttle bus company receiving the highest score of the two responses proposals. the airport agrees with the budget analyst recommendation to amend the legislation to reflect and not to exceed amount for the entire term or possible term of the contract, and i would be happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you very much. we
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don't have questions right now. why don't we go to the budget analyst report. >> madam chair and supervisor kim on page four of our report we report that the proposed agreements average monthly cost of $871 for fiscal 2012-2013 2.6% more than the average monthly cost under the last 11 month of the extension of the existing agreement, and it is shown in table two on page five the cost of the proposed agreement includes a 2% annual average increase in cost and if all three of the two year options under the proposed agreement are exercised then the total not to exceed cost of the nine year and seven month agreement is $105 million so we recommend that you amend the
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resolution to include a not to exceed agreement and out of 105 million for that period of nine years and seven months assuming again all of the three two year options are exercised and we recommend that you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you very much. why don't we open this item up for public comment. are there members of the public that wish to speak on item one? seeing none public comment is closed. do we have a motion to accept the been analyst recommendation to insert language that is specified for the not to exceed amount of $105 million. >> motion to amend. >> all right and also to authorize the clerk to make those amendments. okay. we will take that motion without and to the under lying motion we will send that forward without objection. thank you. item two please. >> item two stion approving the
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fourth amendment between the treasure island development authority. >> good morning. observe you today is talk about the our responsibility as caretaker. as you know for over 15 years the island has been under caretaker responsibility, and during that time the property is used -- utilized by us to lease the buildings at no cost to mass releases. indeed in september you approved mass leases for the waterfront, the child care center, lands and structures and the marina. in turn they use the properties to generate income through maritime and special use. today before you is the master lease for the
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fire academy and just like in you approved the forementioned leases this expires also and we missed it earlier and it had a term of 15 years and i apologize for that and it would have been part of the september approvals. by doing this you extend to next year and for the purpose and they don't generate any income from this. this exceeds the threshold described this the charter and therefore requires your approval so i seek that this morning. >> thank you very much for that brief presentation. this item doesn't have a budget analyst report so i would open it up to public comment. any members of the public wish to speak on item two? seeing none we will close
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public comment. madam clerk does that conclude the items before us? >> that concludes the items. >> thank you we are
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>> thank you we are to call roll. jrstv)ját)n)ng commissioner kingsley, present. commissioner turman,/?5)qzg] he. with have the cheese of police
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ms. joyce -- >> welcome to the wednesday, scheduled san francisco police commission meeting. with matters involving patrol specials, and we have some closed session matters involving discipline. without further ado call line item 1, theç concept calendar. >> received and file action. request of captain david las ar to accept gifts of sevenb approximately $875 for use of the san francisco police activities league law >> supervisor chiu: do you child from the captain regarding thevd4&, ? any questions regarding this? any public comment?ú>bt1+ regarg this? >> i move that we approve. >> second.
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 item 2. callvcun: >> general public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners, or department or occ personnel. under police commission rules oq order, during public comment, neither police or occ personnel nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented bywsno#:%roku! the py provide a brief response. ák police personnel should refrain comment. please limit your comments to three minutes. >> president mazzucco: please come forward. >> hello. your timer needs toúzfím5dñ sta. thank you. hello. my name is michael -- a gay and aids activist, also involved in
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transparency issues. and i was just down the hallway at the sunshine ordinance task force. has to do with very deep concerns i haveç regarding the mission station, specifically limberg. 9 am, these two officers of the force were in attendance at the merchants of upper market castro. they frequently are at the meetings of muncie so it wasn't that unusual to see them at this meeting. however, unlike previous meetings, chuck limberg was not wearing a badge. he was in plain street clothes and came over to me and other members of the public, as we came into the room, andç said that he was not on duty, and
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was helping mumsy with security issues, and he then directed members of the public where to sit during the meeting. two very controversial issues were on the agenda, which is why there were a number of members of the public at this meeting. and one of them had to do with nudity, the other controversial item had to do with the control of the rainbow flag at milk plaza, two very contentious issues in the castro. when these issues came up for a vote, members of mumsy, chuck limberg came to members of the public and told us we had to leave. he was enforcing rules for mumsy. he said he was off duty however every other meeting i've been to, he's been in uniform, he's been on duty. i need verification that hehlgk
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meeting, carrying out these duties. the other thing is i am very@$gt are also seven uniform beat patrol officers on the sidewalk, outside of this meeting. why were so many of them there? we need some answers. why? because a number of us are really concerned at the impression that the mission station police force is more favorable towards the merchants than towards activists. i think you've got to be very concerned about any appearance of favoritism toward one constituency in any community, months and months of meeting in uniform and then seen at that same group's meeting in plain clothes, it's raising questions. you. -- >> supervisor chiu: thank you,
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next speaker. >> i would like to concur with you because i wasn't happy with that officer's -- either. i work for the sunday chronicle. there was an incident involving prostitution and gays. and when he was asked by the -- i think it's a bay area reporter about a specific case, no comment. no comment is the worst thing you can say in the public. because automatically, people are going to assume you're hiding something. i agree with you, sir. also, i'd like to move forward. i would like to complement you. your investigation into an officer related shooting -- andñ yes i rose up here -- i don't think it's in geary's district you were candid, honest, and forthright. that offiòñ?ñ?ñr got -- hey, the master key let the guy in, didn't knock. come on, i live in a sro on 6th street.
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so what. i don't have the same right as thomas, wherever he lives. i don't think thomas would like someone walk into his house, use correct. i'm sure the guy reacted wrong. but on the other hand the officer had not, san francisco police, things might have turned out different, may have turned out different, we don't know. but thank you for your great work, ms. hicks. i want to complement a new york cop. i got an e-mail a couple of days ago. this officer was off duty with his girlfriend. he sees a man get robbed. he steps out, pulls his badge out, hey, i'm new york police, i'm new york police. the kid shot the cop, shot him right in the chest. he runs back to the$qñ?ñ? car, s
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bleeding. he gets in the car withq his girlfriend, on the way to the hospital, he recognizes the perk, theñ?ñ? car. hand on his chest, he jumpsmtu/s out -- got in the prone position, and shot one of the head. marksmanship. is made. that's what we call a hero. take care, people. >> thank you. any further public comment? public comment's now closed. please call line item 3. >> reports and announcements. chief's report, discussion, review of recent activities, calendar and scheduling of community meetings regarding less lethal weapons, presentation of the third recommendation, presentation of summary,
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driving. >> good evening. >> good evening commissioner, public, director hirks. very quickly, we had -- this is our first commission meeting since a rather busy october. october was probably as busy a month as i can remember in my time in the police department, which has been a while now. it started with special events at the beginning of the month, one particular weekend that wasj unbelievable a visit by our would be, now going to be, for the next four years, president of the united states, a run during the playoff of eight home games that wrapped up with a world series celebration, and halloween that was uneventful, by all accounts and all this down a couple hundred officers. unfortunately toward the end of october, we had an uptick in
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violence in the mission toç whh the officers went right to work, and i think the final total for the month there were 42 gun&dfe mack 11 and we got through another month and year to date esdown nearñr 10% as opposed to last year. again i think themnmsg pulling a yeoman's duty out in the street, and now they're gearing up for what will hopefully be a great holiday season and switch gears/ will be doing things with kids and the elderly and the community all that stuff on top of trying to keep the gun and the violent rate down. unfortunately property crime has clicked up about 6%, but we're trying to get a handle on that too as property crime arrests are up nearly 10%. so it's all a work in progress. i understand that the meeting -- the last meeting that i missed, there were some questions.
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me, one or more commissioners was curiousyññ?ñ? about drug co. drug court, although i believeòp strongly inç drug court and goo all the graduations, it's not really a part of the police department. it was found theön#w+ in 1995, s an alternative to incarceration and it can get your record expunged.ñr at graduation and i can tell the commissioners when the next graduation is -- there's a formal declaration that charges are dismissed. someone from the court shows up and actually does that. it's very cool. the last one was last month, about 22 graduates finished, that makes the total about year now, haveéel some handouts here andi can pass them out. it's -- when most of the folks that go to drug court are marginally housefph9aíz and/or unemployed and by the time they
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graduate, 100% have stable housing and some source of lega3 income. although the numbers are not huge per class, any little bit helps as the recidivism rate is decidedly lower thanx!exq4  tht do not go to drug court. to hear the commentary of the folkst( at graduation, they, themselves, can't believe they all say that they did it just to sort of work the system and get their case dismissed. realize they're not allowed to get it through that way and that's->w7au a good thing. another thing that the deputy chief brought up,b1fm$ or i gues it'sñp?p&yt actually on the ages where are we with 5.05. i think it's the content is good. the formatting'seq"zó(wm not sos opposed to the old order. i'm working with the city attorney to correct it as to form. and i think that within the next the draft for everyone to look at here, which is again where we
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would be with the department domestic violence officer related go that i'm getting helç actually from sergeant back there my formatterç for make sure it reads right legally. we want a professional product to you and we're closeñ?ñ? on te within 30 days. as far as the calendaring of the less lethal weapons out of deference to azñ?ñ? special evee of the commissioners and the headlines for/cñ?ñ? everyone cod on both sides onç the issue in tfdñ?ñ?he community in meeting h the director and three commissioners involved the decision was that i have the community meetings inc? january and repick up these issues. so there wasgñ?ñ?ñ as little acy holidays as related to the san francisco police department. that's it. i=xñ?ñ? would ask sgt. crudo toe
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up and proceed with the fdrb and oas summaries. >> i want to thankiñpñw the efforts of the police officers during that week, with the world series celebration, was quite remarkable to see the officers out on the street. you had all hands on deck. even had the officers from the police academy working. you did a great job managing!2wb that, keeping the peace, and keeping people happy. thankh+syxkm you. commissioners in your packet there3kzñ71[y is a memorandum we chief thanked. it was a joint thank you from the police commission and the chief thanking them for their hard work. it was amazing, with thin resources we made this a great place to be to celebrate the giants victory. it was a job well done and job ñ?tñ/v% to the officers out on shout o-u?ñ?ñ a
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we had all the recruits, all 100 recruits were out along the parade route helping out. were readily found and the other eight turned up. so we have all 100 backht at te police academy now. >> encouraging. >> commissioners, before i start with thena[e:c court, sgt. time has moved over from#é='wrny the administrative side to the oas team so theç sergeant will be coming here as well to these meetings. getting to the officer involved shooting report for t
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oit00212, so you can mark your calendars the next fdrb is tentatively scheduled for thursday,pdñ?ñ december -- atu?s board meeting was the voting members,voóp 4lw deputy chief y, inspector monroe represented the police commission, director the -- >> a little concerned. who represented the police commission? kind of him but... >> there was as9ñ?ñ i understa, i'm not+sñ?ñ? sure who was sched from the commission. >> that would be me and
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something came up and i couldn't make it. itko. >>ñr the twoç cases, one an oid that occurred july 12, two dogs were running wild loose and animal control called -- one dog was captured but another one ran back to the address -- joined by a second dog in the attempt to capture those two harness, that animal care and control wasru?ñ?ñ?attempting to, lunged at the officers. the officers even attempted to use less lethal options that they had with them to no avail and botht( dogs were shot.
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policy. the vicious animal clause. and officer involved discharge 003-12 occurred also in july, july 27, 2012, 766 -- street, which you may recognize at company a. in that case, a -- an officer station, after conducting theirñ qualifications for patrol rifle and gun. in theócwz rifle back at the station there was an accidental and negligent discharge. the discharge penetrated several bins at the station causing damage to those recycling bins but there was no -- and obviously that was sound. officer involved shooting investigations and update on
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where we're at, this is a list of cases i believe you have hard copies of -- distributed.kpsjr currently, we have 13 cases. 11-002, which is from june 7 of last year. just received the da -- the homicide just received the da declination letter. they finished the report which we're finishing our report and preparing that case for presentation at the december fdrb. of the remaining open cases, they are currently pending investigation. the cases from 2011 are currently in homicide investigation ing#lucspm"qñ tho, except for oe,

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